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My main pokemon and me as a pokemon trainer.

I didn’t put too much time into this, but I’ve been trying to flesh out how a Venusaur would look in my style for a long time/ working on lineart. I’ve always seen them as a sorta rhino/bulldog/turtle/cat hybrid. My female Venusaur is somewhat paler than the average one with white patches on her face. I ride around on her, and had her since she was a starter Bulbasaur.

As a trainer I spend most of my time wandering, making bows, drawing pokemon with the supplies I carry in my backpack and battling. My other pokemon include a female Ponyta, a male Umbreon, a female Houndoom, a male Arcanine and a male Fearow. I’ll draw them some other day.

-S. Mash

plz draw more pokemon, i love them in your style!

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